The all new LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet has become one of the hottest educational toys for kids this year and has already sold out at all retail stores – with one exception. What is it? Think “iPad”, but for kids age 4-9 years old. It’s even got its own “App Center” where you can easily download new books, videos, educational apps, and games for your little one.

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer

LeapPad Explorer

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The LeapPad’s five inch screen is just the right size to show off the amazing graphics which will keep your kids hooked to the huge library of learning games and interactive educational books. The touch screen can be used to control the tablet but the LeapPad Explorer also comes with a stylus which is perfect for the writing games that LeapFrog has developed.

The LeapPad Explorer looks like an iPad with its portrait screen and ability to download apps, but its screen is nearly half the size of the iPad2′s screen and the LeapPad tablet’s on-board memory is an ample 2 GB which allows you to store all the books & games on the tablet without the need for additional cartridges or memory cards. What makes this kid’s tablet a winner against the iPad is not only that it will stop your child from stealing your iPad, but that it’s rugged, kid friendly and the apps are made with children’s learning development in mind.

LeapPad Educational Apps

There are already 100 apps available for the LeapPad Explorer and any parent who’s ever tried to find a decent educational game on the Apple app store knows that the word “educational” doesn’t always mean your child will learn from that game. Well, LeapFrog has changed this. Their App Center not only has educational games, but by using the included LeapFrog Connected Application’s adaptive learning technology, you can see exactly what skills your child is working on, how the work compares to their grade level and get suggestions on what games will help continue your child’s progress.

They’ve used popular characters (Pixar Pals, Dora, Ben 10, Scooby Doo, Disney Princesses and Thomas the Tank Engine are some favorite featured characters) and combined them with games that help to build your child’s math, spelling, phonics, problem solving, geography and life skills amongst other things.

LeapFrog has taken the kid friendly ideas from the iPad and put them into this rugged educational made-for-kids device. The way the apps have also been developed makes learning fun for kids as well as educational and it’s super easy for parents to monitor those all important learning skills!

Track your Child’s Progress

With online tools for parents built directly into the LeapPad tablet, monitoring your child’s progress and achievements couldn’t be easier! You can even choose to receive regular email updates on their progress and accomplishments to provide insight into where your child may need additional support and give you new ideas for even more learning fun!

Best Price & Availability

As we continue to get closer and close to the holiday season the LeapPad Explorer is getting tougher and tougher to find at local retail stores. In fact, many of the online stores have even sold out already! To ensure you get yours before the prices continue to go any higher you’ll want to order immediately.

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