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Playskool Alphie II

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Playskool Alphie II Product Description

Why not make learning fun for kids. With the all new for 2010, Playskool Alphie II, you can do just that. Playskool has brought back the old classic Alphie you may remember from your childhood, with a new & improved version for this year. Just like the classic, the new Playskool Alphie teaches children their letters, colors, shapes and more by engaging them in fun, entertaining activities that they love. Alphie will introduce your child to new skills and concepts such as letter sounds, patterns, shape sorting, vocabulary development, and cause & effect. Alphie the Robot's charming personality teaches through game play, quizzes, and various fun other activities that kids enjoy. He even sings and plays music!

Alphie the Robot - Not Just For Home

Completely portable, Alphie is the perfect companion for your child when on the go. Equipped with a convenient carrying handle on his head, and a well-thought-out storage compartment in his back (for the education cards), Alphie the robot is equally enjoyed at home, in the car, at day care, or most anywhere. Unlike many toys that are designed to simply pacify your children, Alphie the robot is the one toy you won't mind your child playing with over and over again because it teaches your child valuable educational lessons and concepts as they play.
Playskool Alphie Robot

From Playskool, the Manufacturer

Alphie The Learning Toy Robot - Who better to explore the world with than someone who's new to it? This Alphie robot figure is on a field trip from his home planet and, with a kooky grin and funny faces, it's his mission to introduce your child to learning! There's practically nothing this little dynamo doesn't want to talk about - from letter sounds and shape sorting to patterns, cause and effect, vocabulary development and much more, your Alphie figure is a whole big classroom in one little portable robot buddy. As his buttons light up, and as he sings and plays music, your child's brain is stretching, growing and helping turn him or her into a super-duper learner and problem-solver! Educational fun on-the-go is as easy as can be, too, with this little guys handled noggin and storage spot for his cards in his backpack. There's a whole lot to discover when you're a preschooler and this Alphie figure shares one of the most important lessons, too: learning is tons and tons of fun! Robot figure comes with 30 double-sided cards.

About Hasbro Playskool

Hasbro first started in 1923. Hasbro, Inc. is a worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time products and services with a rich portfolio of brands and entertainment properties that provides some of the highest quality and most recognizable play and recreational experiences in the world.
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Playskool Alphie 2010 Customer Reviews

Playskool Alphie II has been getting a ton of raving reviews by customers that have already got theirs. The following Playskool Alphie 2010 customer reviews are just a sample of some of the most recent from, in no particular order. You can click here to see the complete list of Playskool Alphie 2010 user reviews.

Awesome Alphie
Product Reviewed: Playskool Alphie II
Review Date: October 24th, 2010
Reviewer: Michele S. (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Bought this for my granddaughters 3rd birthday and she loves it. My grandson does to. Our kids had one when they were little and this is still a cool toy.
Fun little robot!
Product Reviewed: Playskool Alphie II
Review Date: October 21st, 2010
Reviewer: N.R. Evans (Amazon User)
This toy seems to be holding up well, although has not yet had heavy use. The speaking voice is easy to understand, and is not annoying. So far, we only have the starter pack of cards, but will be buying more. This is a great toy for parent-child interaction, but children can be happy playing alone with it as well. Age 4 to 4 1/2 is probably about the upper end of the primary interest level for Alphie, by my guess. But I think some 2 year olds would have fun with it too, if guided during play.
Alphie is Five Stars
Product Reviewed: Playskool Alphie II
Review Date: Sep 23rd, 2010
Reviewer: Steve (Amazon User)
Overall, this is a highly recommended toy for parents looking to get their kid an electronic device without getting them hooked on video games just yet. As I said, my 4-year old is a bit advanced for the lesson part of the games, but it holds her attention just the same, and for a younger child that's learning, this would be even more valuable.
Happily Learning While Playing
Product Reviewed: Playskool Alphie II
Review Date: September 16, 2010
Reviewer: K. Cade (Amazon User)
My 3 year old niece loves him She plays with him everyday and loves to put in all the cards and take them out. At first I just thought it was going to be just numbers, letters and colors. But there is a lot of matching (of numbers, letters, sounds and musical instruments) but this robot teaches her how to dress herself in terms of which item of clothing goes on which part of the body.

This toy is worth the price. I think that the cards could get messy or bent but with supervision (which is good for their learning and comprehesion anyways) its a great purchase. You don't want to buy a toy and let it teach, you want to teach along with the toy too.

I do think she wants him to walk, meaning she wishes he could walk on his own. The volume control is good. It has two options. Soft and loud and this little robot never breaks character. He's certainly not boring and my neice seems to be enjoying her learning process and she doesn't suspect that she's being taught a thing!
My nephew loves this robot!!
Product Reviewed: Playskool Alphie II
Review Date: September 13th, 2010
Reviewer: H. Dinh (Amazon User)
My feedbacks are based solely on how my nephew enjoyed this cute little robot. He loved it and played with it for hours! Alphie becomes his buddy (for now), he put it next to the bed in his bedroom. This robot is more than a toy, it is an educational tool and my brother is delighted it keeps his son away from the kid videos. I guess after he goes through all the cards a couple of times, Alphie will go to the shelf. But for now, it is the toy for him.
Great First Computer/Electronic Toy
Product Reviewed: Playskool Alphie II
Review Date: September 13th, 2010
Reviewer: D. Sun (Amazon User)
When I was a kid something like this would be exotic and high tech. Today, this toy is a great first introduction to electronics for a sub 3 year old kid who will soon move onto tablet computers, kid laptops, and other high tech toys and tools with full touch screen support. I like the Alphie for the nostalgia value as well as for the drool, hard abuse, and torture proof design. This thing is built to take a small child using it as a hammer and as a drool pad, while offering limited educational enhancement. There is never going to be a replacement for mom and dad spending time with their child performing the duties of a parent, but this toy is a nice enhancement.

My Nephew is now 5 and is well beyond this toy. This toys value is really at the 2-3 year old range with the button presses, basic color/letters/numbers, etc., type teaching and anything beyond 4 years old will be quickly bored.

Still, this toy is exactly what is advertised for the age range and is a very cute and well designed device.
What's it all about Alphie?
Product Reviewed: Playskool Alphie II
Review Date: September 9th, 2010
Reviewer: Chai on Life (Amazon User)
Most of you may be too young to remember that song. LOL But to answer the question, Alphie is all about fun, education and entertainment.

My 3 1/2 year old grandgirl loves Alphie. She has great fun with him, he keeps her attention (for a long time for which we are all grateful) and she now leaves her sister's Ipod alone as Alphie sings to her. She is learning while having fun and any device that accomplishes that is tops in my eyes.

I keep Alphie at my house, so to be honest he hasn't been manhandled on a daily basis so as far as his durability - time will tell - and I will update if things change. But for now it is a great toy, would make a lovely gift, and combines education with fun.
Reinforce Cognitive Skills
Product Reviewed: Playskool Alphie II
Review Date: September 8th, 2010
Reviewer: Pablo (Amazon User)
I am well over the "three years and above" age recommendation for Alphie, but it is a fun toy. It made me smile and it will give kids delight. There are certainly far more intricate robots, but Alphie with its sounds, pleasing appearance, well placed buttons and props is a good device for reinforcing simple math and other cognition skills. No doubt, a determined child will find a way to demolish Alphie, but in normal use it should be a durable and safe toy. I recommend, especially for play on a rainy day. It will keep the youngsters engaged productively and safely.
Durable, entertaining, and educational
Product Reviewed: Playskool Alphie II
Review Date: August 30, 2010
Reviewer: Jay Chase (Amazon User)
Problem is, I have twin grandsons and only one alphie... looks like I'll need to order another one soon!! Kids love Alphie, carry him everywhere and have yet to tear the cards up (that's my biggest fear). They are already pretty good at numbers and alphabet, but this is good feedback! I would definitely recommend for 3-4 yr olds!

All the best,

The Four-Year-Old Loves This!
Product Reviewed: Playskool Alphie II
Review Date: August 29th, 2010
Reviewer: Echo (Amazon User)
Really don't care for electronic gadgets for toddlers, but Alphie is my son's favorite "robot." Alphie comes with several cards containing small pictures of shapes, numbers, musical instruments, and other images to match the flashing buttons on the robot's chest. Think early 1980s "Simon" or "Merlin"-type games, but with far more versatility.

The only feedback I suggest is for the cards. Separate, delicate cards are not a good mix for this age group. Unfortunately, the design is such that they are necessary for the robot's operation. The cards are large enough so that they are not easily lost (but maybe a string tether might have been helpful, or maybe cloth cards (for durability). Still, I would have preferred fewer pieces.

Still, my son has not tired of the games a week later, and carries the robot with him by it's carrying handle. Might be better suited for a 2-or-3 year old, depending on the child's developmental level.

A nice, educational toy.