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Mattel Loopz Game

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Mattel Loopz Game Product Description

The Mattel Loopz Game is designed for single-player fun or multiplayer, family action. Loopz is a a high-energy music memory game that tests kids' skills and gets them moving. Loopz takes the basic premise of Simon Says and dresses it up with a slick soundtrack and seven challenging modes. Players aged 7 and up will test and strengthen their memory, flexibility, and rhythm with fun, musical play.

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Mattel Loopz Game

Ages: 7 years and up

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Fun factor: 5 stars
Durability: 5 stars
Ease of assembly: 5 stars
Educational factor: 4 stars
Novelty factor: 4 stars

The Good: Seven fun games incleded with single and multiple player options for family fun!

The Challenging: Some games have limited challenge levels.

In a Nutshell: A fun, interactive music memory game that challenges kids' skills and gets them moving.
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Mattel Loopz Game

Loopz is a fast-paced, neon-lit game challenges your reflexes, memory, musicality, and rhythm with seven exciting game modes.

Mattel Loopz Game is An Interactive Music Memory Game with Motion Sensors

The unique Mattel Loopz game features four semi-circular rings arranged in a four-square pattern. Each ring is outfitted with a motion sensor that detects movement. Gameplay involves players mimicking the pulsing light and music patterns by waving their hands in and out of the loops in an accurate, timely fashion.

If you miss three times, you're out, but if you hang on, the patterns will become faster and more involved. Loopz has an internal counter that tracks your speed and difficulty level throughout the game and will rate your overall performance.

The Loopz game has a Home button and an on/off switch. You'll wave your hand into the top loops to toggle through games and use the bottom loops to confirm your selections. Use the Home button to adjust the volume or to quit a game and return to the main menu at any time. Though its controls are simple and its games are easy to understand, Mattel's Loopz offers hours of challenging musical fun for kids and the whole family.

Loopz Game Provides Seven Unique Games to Challenge Multiple Skills

Put aside your video game consoles because Loopz features seven active games that will get everyone up and off the couch. Memory, flexibility, rhythm, reflexes - these skills and more will be put to task by this interactive music memory game. Whether you're playing alone, or with a group of up to four, you'll have plenty of gameplay options to choose from. Some games, like Repeat the Beat, feature up to three fun & challenging levels.

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The Loopz Game Library includes:

  • Repeat the Beat: Challenges you to mimic an ever-growing pattern of lights.

  • Reflex Master: Tag as many lights as you can before the time runs out.

  • Rhythm and Flow: To keep the song playing, tag the random light sequences before they turn off.

  • Musicology: Build songs one instrument at a time by mimicking sequences of light.

  • Freestyle DJ: Remix the music featured in Loopz by turning tracks off and on.

  • Music Studio: Play Loopz like a musical instrument--each unique sound features 10 distinct notes.

  • Versus Mode: Take turns building and repeating a sequence until one player makes three mistakes.

  • Fun for the whole family!
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About Mattel, the Loopz Game Manufacturer

Mattel has been at the forefront in utilizing technology to develop fun, educational, and interactive toys and games such as last year's hot toy, Mindflex, and this years overwhelmingly popular electonic game Loopz. Mattel has been the leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of hot toys and family products for years.

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Loopz Game Customer Reviews

Mattel Loopz Game has been getting a ton of raving reviews by customers that have already got theirs. The following Loopz Game customer reviews are just a sample of some of the most recent from, in no particular order. You can click here to see the complete list of Loopz Game user reviews.

Product Reviewed: Mattel Loopz Game
Review Date: October 7th, 2010
Reviewer: Mom of 4 (Amazon Verified User)
This game is fun for the whole family. I bought it for my sons 6th Birthday and it has been a hit. My 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son really enjoy it, my 6 year old likes it but does find it a little more challenging than the older two, and my 4 year old daughter like to have her turns. The game is great for reflex and coordination; I swear I can see all kinds of neurons firing in their young minds as they play.
Fun for All Ages
Product Reviewed: Mattel Loopz Game
Review Date: September 13th, 2010
Reviewer: Martha Rubio (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
younger ones can even play the freestyle games and make music and love the colors. This is a great family game. Don't know about durability but so far seems good.
Love it!
Product Reviewed: Mattel Loopz Game
Review Date: June 30th, 2010
Reviewer: Crystal Sengstaken (Amazon Verified User)
Loopz is Addicting! It's nice that there are multiple different games, reflex master is my favorite. You can play head to head and the music is not annoying - it's fun!. Good buy.
Loopz Game is Amazing!
Product Reviewed: Mattel Loopz Game
Review Date: October 3rd, 2010
Reviewer: busy mom (Toys R Us Reviewer)
this game is great for the kids it keeps them bussy and happy!!!!!!!!
Loopz Game Lover
Product Reviewed: Mattel Loopz Game
Review Date: June 23rd. 2010
Reviewer: Happy Biker (Target Reviewer)
Believe it or not this toy is so much fun! Loopz is literally fun for the whole family. I can candidly admit I could play Loopz for hours on end. I love playing Reflex Master, (one of the several games, against my friends and co-workers. I honestly believe this is a toy for all ages. My entire family is getting Loopz for Christmas and although they don’t know it yet- they are going to LOVE IT!