The new Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR is the ultimate, highly sophisticated remote control spy machine for up & coming spies ages 8 and older.

Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR

Spy Video TRAKR

Manufacturer: Spy Gearâ„¢
Model Number: 70337
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Every spy needs cool gadgets. Spy Gear’s Spy Video TRAKR can be categorized as the coolest, and most spy-like gear any kid could find. The Spy Video TRAKR, is an absolute must have for the aspiring spy. It is a remote-controlled toy vehicle that supports apps. The Spy TRAKR lets kids play live videos, record music and videos, store photos and videos, sense motion and see objects even – even in the dark! These are just a few of the cool features this spy gadget has. Depending upon the apps you download on your Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR, it can do more, so much more.

Spy Gear TRAKR


Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR Design

TRAKR has a RAM of 8 MB which is more than enough to download and store apps from the internet and store on the machine. There are USB ports on the electronic toy to connect them to the computer and transfer applications. In addition, it supports high quality audio and video and speech synthesis.

The Omni Vision VGA camera is adjustable and can capture high-definition pictures using 2 ARM 9 processors and the high current H-bridges enable advance motor controls.

Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR Applications

This electronic toy has been pre-loaded with some apps; you can download more later from the website. Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR allows you to record audio and video easily from up to 150 feet distance! Data (video, images, audio, etc… ) can be stored on the internal memory and/or an expandable SD Card.

Video can be saved, and/or viewed and listened to live from the hand-held remote control. It also has a high quality microphone to transmit audio messages. The TRAKR can hold any three apps at a time without the SD card.

See In The Dark with Night Vision

The Video TRAKR’s best feature (in our opinion) is its ability to support night vision, i.e., ability to see in darkness! Besides that, it can also retrace its route using the “Path Mapper” application. It can also monitor speed, drive independently without the help of the remote control, detect light, and more!

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Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR Customer Reviews

The following customer reviews are from customers that have used or purchased the Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR. They are in no particular order and are updated daily. To see all Spy Video TRAKR customer reviews at just click here.

Fun, Easy to use, Rugged, Adaptable
Product Reviewed: Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR
Review Date: November 7th, 2010
Reviewer: Allen Tanner (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
we’re using this as a ghost hunting tool.

adding an infrared illuminator (12-LED IR flashlight) has tripled the range and clarity of the camera and made navigating with it much easier.

takes a little getting used have to remember to go wide around objects because you will run into things you can’t see close up.

does not run well on grass, as the tracks slide around, but it does still work. better tracks might fix this.

once they release the full programming language we will be making our own apps for this. this will definitely be beyond the ability of most younger kids to do, but they can download apps other people have made and probably have just as much fun.

Awesome Spy
Product Reviewed: Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR
Review Date: October 27th, 2010
Reviewer: M. Heintz (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
It does go over carpets and around corners very well. The camera does a very good job so you can see what is ahead. Great for spying on brothers and sisters and for finding them when playing hide and seek.
Great Toy
Product Reviewed: Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR
Review Date: September 26th, 2010
Reviewer: bgag2783 (Amazon Verified User)
This is a great toy, not the fastest possible, but so much fun. If you go online and get more apps, its even better.
I Can’t Wait Till Christmas!!!
Product Reviewed: Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR
Review Date: November 26th, 2010
Reviewer: Orlando (Toys R Us Verified User)
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Only a Few More Days Till Christmas, The Spy Video TRAKR Looks Perfect To See What My Baby Brother Does To My Room! or If My Big Sister Does Something Bad To My Video Games, I Hope I Get It and for Anyone Who Reads This, Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
The Awesome Mobile!!!
Product Reviewed: Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR
Review Date: November 26th, 2010
Reviewer: the best!!!! (Toys R Us Verified User)
Attractive design, durable, lots of fun. Bottom line: Yes, I would recommend the Spy Gear Video TRAKR