Mattel’s Fijit Friends are all the rage with little girls ages 6 and up! Fijit Friends are adorable interactive BFF that love to chat, dance, joke, and just have a whole lot of fun!

Mattel Fijit Friends

Fijit Friends

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Mattel Fijit Friends are the hot new interactive toys for girls ages 6 and up that are already selling out at many of the larger retail stores. With soft supple skin, and quirky personalities, they interact with your child with over 150 built-in responses, voice command, beat detection, and dance mode! They tell jokes, and share their witty opinions when prompted. Each one loves to dance, chat, joke and have fun!

Mattel Fijit Friends Features

Individuality is a key aspect to each of the Fijit Friends. There are 4 different Fijit toys and each one has her own unique personality that will work hand-in-hand with your child to ensure that she has loads in common with her Fijit friend.

One of the best features of Fijit Friends is that your little girl can literally have a conversation with them. Now, as much as a child’s imagination can lead to conversations with most any toy, what sets the Fijit Friends apart is the fact that they actually respond! They have over 150 words and phrases that they can say and they respond to over 30 keywords and phrases.

The interactive aspect does not stop here. They also respond to various forms of media, such as TV programs and music. They share their own opinions on TV shows and dance to the beat of any music that is put on.

Who Are The Fijit Friends?

Logan is the blue one. She is just as happy showing off her latest hi-tech gadget as she is playing outdoors. She’s a super-loyal pal that adores animals and will always cheer you on.

Sage is the appropriately named green Fijit friend. She has leaves for ears so, as you might imagine, she loves the environment. Like Logan, she is very adventurous and is always up for a challenge.

Serafina is the pink Fijit and is very cute and girly. She loves to see others happy and will go out of her way to cheer someone up if they’re feeling down.

Willa, the purple one is the trendy Fijit friend. She is always keeping an eye out for the latest fashions. She is a great leader and is extremely confident and she loves to laugh until her sides hurt, dance until she’s dizzy, and be herself with her one true BFF.

Play your own music and watch the Fijit Friends boogie in dance mode. Beat Sensors allow physical and emotional reactions to different styles of music–from slow ballads to lively pop tracks. Your little girl will love dancing and singing along as she rocks, twirls, and bounces to the beat. She’ll even perform her own original songs!

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Fijit Friends are completely new and totally original so it’s no surprise that they are already beginning to sell out at most local retail stores. If you have a little girl in your life you can be sure that she will love one of the Fijit Friends – but you will want to order immediately before they are sold out to ensure you get it in time for Christmas.