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LeapFrog Zippity Product Description

For many, bad weather days mean relaxing on the couch with a cozy book and a cup of tea. For me, it means frantically looking for something to keep my active 5 year-old from going stir-crazy. At last, there is a solution, it comes by way of the interactive game Zippity by LeapFrog.

With the LeapFrog Zippity, rainy days and indoor playtime don't have to be boring anymore. Preschoolers can get on their feet and get moving, all while playing interactive, educational video games that feature all their favorite Disney characters. The Zippity is designed for children ages three to five.

Zippity Learning System
Zippity Learning System
    Ages: 3 to 5 years

  • 8 "C" batteries
  • Phillips screwdriver for battery installation
  • Television with standard video/audio input
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LeapFrog Game
What We Think About The LeapFrog Zippity Learning Systme

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The Good: Video game features calibrating levels that customize to preschoolers' ability

The Challenging: Younger preschoolers may find games challenging but will grow into them

In a Nutshell: The Zippity Video game system gets preschoolers jumping and dancing while making learning fun
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LeapFrog Zippity Game

Featuring Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, this interactive video game system plugs directly into your TV..
Zippity Learning System by LeapFrog

With 8 different games, the Zippity encourages kids to be active and helps develop skills like coordination and memory.

Giant Zippity Joy Stick Gets Kids Moving

The Zippity is designed to get kids moving and learning as an educational video game system that preschool-age children play by stepping, dancing, and jumping, and moving their arms. The system consists of a main unit, which the child uses to control the onscreen game, and a console that plugs into any television with a standard video/audio input. Both the main unit and the console require four "C" batteries each, as well as a Phillips screwdriver to install them.

The main unit, which requires minimal assembly, is essentially an oversized joy stick--so instead of sitting sedately with a game controller in hand, kids play the Zippity game with their whole body and get plenty of gross motor coordination practice. It consists of a large activity mat with different colored sections, and the "bopper," which is a joystick-like pole that requires big arm movements for moving backward, forward, and side to side.

Play and Learn

The Zippity's eight games feature favorite Disney characters in quality, three-dimensional animation. All are designed to introduce preschool-age kids to a wide range of learning skills--not least of which is practicing listening and following directions. The game system starts out with Mickey Mouse teaching your child (and you!) the basics of how to use the controller, and each game is introduced with either a narrator or a character giving instructions.

Listening, memory skills, and coordination skills are also developed in several games, such as "Darby's Honey Pot Jam," "Goofy's Fancy Dancing," and "June's Twist n'Twirl." These games ask the child to do certain "moves" in a short sequence to create a dance, for example, to step on the green section of the mat or to push the bopper in a certain direction.

The Zippity introduces plenty of other learning skills through the eight fun games, including color recognition, letter and number recognition, and even introduction to classical composers and world cultures. In games featuring Handy Manny, kids get a little introduction to Spanish vocabulary; and in "Super Sleuths on the Case," kids put their problem solving skills to use by helping Winnie the Pooh collect clues to answer questions.

The "Learning Path" in the system's onscreen main menu provides a bit more information about the learning skills the Zippity introduces to your child. Leap Frog also has a more robust online Learning Path Web site, which is touted as a complement to all of its products, including the Zippity. We found, however, that the Learning Path Web site is better suited to use with Leap Frog's other Internet-connectable toys and doesn't augment the Zippity experience in a substantial way.

The Zippity Has Different Learning Levels That Customize to Child's Ability

Each game features two levels of difficulty, and at each level the game calibrates itself to the child's level of advancement, so the games can grow with your child. We found that our three-year-old toy tester is just old enough to start using this toy. She required an adult to reinforce the directions given by the game--more practice would make the process easier, and older children would also be able to catch on more quickly.

Be warned: although the picture on the box shows a child energetically leaping on the interactive mat, the pace of the games is much slower, especially at Level 1. But the slower pace and the level of challenge doesn't make them any less enjoyable. Although our toy tester found the games challenging, she had a lot of fun trying-- and she would only get better with practice. And once the included games are mastered, other game cartridges are available for separate purchase.

What's in the Box

  • Zippity Main Unit
  • Zippity "Bopper"
  • Interactive Mat
  • Zippity Console (with attached AV cable)
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From The Manufacturer

From the LeapFrog Zippity Learning System Manufacturer:  Bring Playhouse Disney to your house with Zippity, the new high-energy learning system that gets preschoolers dancing, jumping, playing and learning with Disney characters they love. The Zippity system introduces preschool curriculum through full-body play and learning. Using the interactive bopper and mat, children can stomp, swing, bop and march, driving the learning with their arms and legs The Zippity system comes with 8 built-in games featuring the popular Playhouse Disney characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Little Einsteins and Handy Manny. All eight built-in learning activities bring the characters to life on your TV through high-quality animations and feature two levels of play for hours of active learning fun A built-in Learning Path lets parents see the skills their child is exploring as they play, or parents can create a personal LeapFrog Learning Path online for more in-depth insights and learning ideas. Appropriate for ages 3 to 5.

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Zippity Customer Reviews

LeapFrog Zippity has been getting a ton of raving reviews by customers that have already got theirs. The following Zippity customer reviews are just a sample of some of the most recent from Amazon.com, in no particular order. You can click here to see the complete list of Zippity user reviews.

Perfect for high energy kids! Great for special needs too!
Product Reviewed: LeapFrog Zippity Learning System™
Review Date: May 1st, 2010
Reviewer: A.Carey (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
This has been one of my best investments for my 3 kids. I am considering buying one more! My kids are very high energy children and they love this. It's a perfect workout that is also very educational for them. Great for the winter months to get them active when it's too cold outside. We live in Wisconsin! This has helped with my 4 year old daughters learning all the way around. My 2 year old is also learning quickly with this. We are using this as a reward for potty training and it's working. My oldest is 9 and has high functional Autism and he plays with it. Has helped him out with some of his learning delays. It's durable for him which is great because he's on the bigger size for his age. One thing I found useful is buying the corded plug in. Will save you on replacing batteries and it's pays for itself after a month. I highly suggest the Zippity! It teaches coordination. Along with other pre school learning. There is 2 levels So it can be even more learning. I love this!
Nephew is loving it!
Product Reviewed: LeapFrog Zippity Learning System™
Review Date: April 20th, 2010
Reviewer: A Kid's Review
I bought this for my nephew at Christmas. He loves it so much that he wants to play on it all the time. I never thought he would go this crazy about this toy. But its a hit. REVIEW GOES HERE
Nice, but no competition for the Wii
Product Reviewed: LeapFrog Zippity Learning System™
Review Date: February 14th, 2010
Reviewer: Jimmy (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
My son liked it alot then got a glimpse of his older brother's Wii. He still uses it but not as much. It is very interactive and is fun, but it only comes with a few games that are very easy after a couple of times playing. Overall a good product and well made. Didn't include AC cord which was a real disappointment for the money charged for it.
Interactive joystick
Product Reviewed: LeapFrog Zippity Learning System™
Review Date: February 12th, 2010
Reviewer: Amie Trahan (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Overall this item teaches coordination, colors and numbers. My daughter enjoys playing it when she feels like it.
Energy Release!
Product Reviewed: LeapFrog Zippity Learning System™
Review Date: February 8th, 2010
Reviewer: Debbie Baker (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
My grandson loves this toy and although he's only 20 months old he watches his big sister and mimics her moves. They both learn from this!
Product Reviewed: LeapFrog Zippity Learning System™
Review Date: February 6th, 2010
Reviewer: Angel White (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
I have an overly hyper 5 yr old and he absolutely loves his Zippity by Leap Frog. Couldn't ask for a better toy to keep him occupied but not make him a 'couch potato' either. Great product!
Zippity Learning System
Product Reviewed: LeapFrog Zippity Learning System™
Review Date: February 1st, 2010
Reviewer: lawnboy (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
My 3yr old daughter got her Zippity for Christmas 2009 and has enjoyed playing with it.Good product happy with our decision.
LeapFrog's Zippity saved our Christmas and continues to thrill...
Product Reviewed: LeapFrog Zippity Learning System™
Review Date: January 13th, 2010
Reviewer: Mary Perez "Toddler Mom"(Amazon Verified User)
My husband and I purchased the Zippity plus the additional games as a Christmas present for our 3 and a half year old daughter. Thank Goodness! Santa brought our daughter a Bike, and some other fun things, but it rained torrents all day on Christmas so the bike was not an option. She played the Zippity throughout the day, shared it with other family members, and had fun exploring the games. The entire family watched the "Katie" Zippity show as she danced, jumped, raced, hopped, and skittered through the games. Since then she still plays the games, at both levels 1 and 2 and asks for them about every other day or so.

She learned her alphabet, letter sounds, and is beginning to read thanks to the Leap Frog videos, it only made sense to try Leap Frog's Zippity as her introduction to television based video games.