For kids and kids-at-heart, the Fisher Price Sing-a-ma-jigs are free-spirited, offbeat plush characters that set off unexpected laughter and excitement with every interaction. Their zany looks are unique to them and as they sing children find it particularly irresistible when their little mouths open wide for each note.

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Fisher Price Sing-a-ma-jigs Blue, Red, Purple

Sing-a-ma-jigs Orange, Pink, Yellow

Interactive toys are all the rage these days, and these guys follow suit because every Sing-a-ma-jig has three fun and entertaining modes of play.

  • Chatter Mode
  • Song Mode
  • Harmonizing Mode

In Chatter Mode they speak their own adorable language full of cute jibber and jabbers that keep children giggling and laughing for hours.

In Song Mode, each Sing-a-ma-jig sings its own song which kids can’t resist singing along with. Want to pick up the pace some? No problem, the tempo of the song can easily be increased or decreased by simply pushing the Sing-a-ma-jig’s belly.

But the best mode of all, is what sets them apart from any other interactive toy – the Sing a ma jigs enjoy nothing more than singing with their other Sing-a-ma-jig buddies. In Harmonizing Mode each Sing-a-ma-jig sings a scale in a pitch specific to that character (some high, some low) and will always harmonize with each other perfectly every time.

The more you collect, the larger the chorus and the more impressive they sound!

Sing-a-ma-jigs Availability

Fisher Price is currently offering their Sing-a-ma-jigs in 6 different colors and plans to add more in the future.

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Light Blue
  • Mint Green

They can be purchased singly or in sets, usually consisting of 2 or 4. If available, ordering a set is recommended to get the full experience of them harmonizing together. It’s also often the most cost effective.

Important: Some of the most popular Sing-a-ma-jig colors have already begun selling out at the time of this writing. After getting bit by the Zhu Zhu Pets price-hike bug last year, savvy shoppers aren’t taking any chances this season and are grabbing these hot toys early while they are still affordable (and available).

With the big retail stores like Walmart and Toys R Us sold out already, shoppers are turning to the internet and ordering online.

Sing-A-Ma-Jig Customer Reviews

The following Sing-A-Ma-Jig customer reviews are from Amazon. The complete list of reviews, as well as the latest updated reviews, can be found by clicking here.

 So cute!
Review Date: September 6, 2010
Reviewer: The Rayes (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
“OMG they are soooo cute! Once you get the squeezing rhythm right the songs sound great and kids can sing a long. My daughter doesn’t stop laughing when she plays with them. Not sure how long she will keep playing with them, but for now they are some of her favorites!”
 Love this thing!
Review Date: August 8, 2010
Reviewer: Ashley C (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
“These sing-a-ma-jigs are great! I got it for my baby’s first birthday! She loves it! She even tries to harmonize with it, ha! It’s the toy I grab when she’s cranky because it cheers her up fast, it’s easy to take on the go as well! She thinks it’s funny because she can make it “bite” her finger and even her nose. We are going to be buying another. I read somewhere that they are alto, bass, tenor, and soprano”
 So adorable
Review Date: September 10, 2010
Reviewer: M. Auel (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
“My grandmother bought this for my son, and he finds it so fun that he can make it sing. He sits there and laughs everytime he pushes the button and it starts going. Its adorable.”
 Irresistibly funny little feller
Review Date: September 9, 2010
Reviewer: Jenna Glatzer (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
“A friend bought the blue sing a ma jig to cheer me up on a tough day, and it worked! This ridiculous little guy is such a hoot– all three modes (chatter, song, and harmony) are fun, and I’ve never seen a toy like this before. You press on the belly to make the noises, and in singing modes, as long as you hold it down, it’ll sustain the note. So basically, you can make “When the Saints Go Marching In” a slow ballad or a fast dance number, one note at a time.

I *may* share this with my 3-year-old. Right now it’s on my desk to make me smile, and I’m probably going to buy another to harmonize with it!”

 As much fun for adults as kids
Review Date: September 7, 2010
Reviewer: Cindy, (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
“I think I like this toy as much as my little girl does. It’s very entertaining, cute and oh-so-much fun when you have more than one. I was afraid they would be a little irritating, but so far they are not. I am definitely going to buy others – it will be a great Christmas gift.”

Tips for Savvy Shoppers

  1. Escape the inevitable holiday toy price-hike. Remember those furry little hamsters last year, zhu zhu pets? They were $9 in October 2009. Over the next 2 months they suddenly shot-up to $40 – $60, and that’s not the worst of it. The stores still couldn’t keep them on the shelf!
  2. Save money and avoid disappointment by ordering your Sing-a-ma-jigs early this year. As we get closer to Christmas, you’ll be happy you did!

  3. Buy online through a reputable retailer such as Amazon that offers a 30 day return policy. Let’s face it, ordering through Amazon is convenient, it’s quick, and you’ll always get the best price. Always.
  4. Take advantage of free shipping offers. Amazon offers free shipping on orders of $25 and up. If your order is less than $25, you can save some additional money by simply adding another item or two to your cart. Amazon carries a lot more than just books these days.

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