Razor iMod Scooter

Razor iMod Scooter

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Razor iMod Scooter Product Description

With the electric powered Razor iMod Scooter yiou can cruise those side streets in style. The iMod Scooter also comes conveniently equipped with a docking station that is compatible with all current versions of the Apple iPod, 2 full range speakers as well as an FM radio!

The Razor iMod Scooter features a chain-driven, high-performance, electric motor and a stylish vintage-inspired body. Reaching speeds up to a comfortable, yet safe, 15 mph, the iMod Razor Scooter is plenty fast enough for a fun ride through the neighborhood, in the country, or a quick trip to the corner store

The electric scooter also teams a pair of 16-inch pneumatic tires with a rear suspension system to ensure a comfortable ride on this Razor iMod electric scooter. Other features include a retractable kickstand, variable-speed acceleration, and a built-in battery that travels for up to 10 miles (30 minutes of continuous use) on a single charge. And kids can lift the padded seat to reveal a special storage compartment.

Obviously the buyer and rider of Razor's iMod electric scooters are responsible for knowing and obeying all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the riding and use of this scooter. The iMod is designed for ages 12 and up and offers a weight maximum of 170 pounds. It also comes backed by a solid 90-day warranty.

The Razor iMod Scooter includes a handy iPod dock and integrated speakers as well as an FM radio!

Kids Love Their Razor iMod Electric Scooters

Kids can cruise around the neighborhood on their stylishly designed Razor iMod Scooter. Not only was this electric designed to function with the ever popular iPod, it's "looks" were even modeled after the popular music devices. Kids will absolutely love their new iMod electric Scooter by Razor.

This Razor iMod electric scooter can reach speeds up to 15 MPH and supports riders up to 170 pounds.

Features and Specifications:
  • Twist-grip throttle and hand-operated rear brake
  • Motor: Powerful 250 watt electric motor
  • Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid battery system
  • Battery charge time: 12 hours
  • Run time: Up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • iPod compatibility: All iPods with 30-pin connector
  • Speakers: 4 watts total (2 watts apiece)
  • Power for speakers: 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Maximum user weight: 170 pounds
  • Product weight: 67 pounds
  • Assembled product dimensions: 57.5 x 18.25 x 43.25 inches
  • UL-approved battery charger and tools included

Razor iMod Scooter

She'll Have a Blast With Her New Razor Imod

She's sure to have unlimited fun zipping around the neighborhood and will have an absolute blast with the on-board radio on. This electric scooter is great for fun loving kids. The best thing about the Razor iMod is that she will be able to listen to her i-pod and use the fm radio while zipping & zooming around.

She should settle for nothing but the Razor iMod Scooter. It will be the best thing that ever happened to her. Whether for yourself or for gifting it to your friend, the Electric Razor Scooter will always stand apart from others. She can use it to go to school, for play or for even helping mom with daily chores. The Razor iMod electric scooter is also great for delivering a gift to your cousin who stays at the other side of town. One full charge will take her up to 10 miles!

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Razor iMod Electric Scooter Customer Reviews

Razor iMod Scooter has been getting a ton of raving reviews by customers that have already got theirs. The following Razor iMod Electric Scooter customer reviews are just a sample of some of the most recent from Amazon.com, in no particular order. You can click here to see the complete list of Razor iMod Electric Scooter user reviews.

Razor iMod Scooter
Product Reviewed: Razor iMod Electric Scooter
Review Date: February 13th, 2010
Reviewer: Ana M. Rivera (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
This is a cool ride for your preteens. My daughter saved up her babysitting money and I added a bit more for her X-mas present. She loves it. Unfortunately for bad weather she hasn't had enough time to ride it but as soon as weather permits she will be off riding. Good size too. She is tall and can fit in it just fine. Totally recommend it for your kids. Only down fall is that it is pricey but if your kids can save up for it why not. We are only kids for a while.
Product Reviewed: Razor iMod Electric Scooter
Review Date: February 6th, 2010
Reviewer: Spencer S. Maxwell (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Wow! fast and fun! My 10 year old loves it. Well made but the decals could have been put on with more care. I wish they had an option for a larger battery pack or one that was easier to swap out quickly for a spare (back-up). (for longer riding times between charges)
Awesome little scooter
Product Reviewed: Razor iMod Electric Scooter
Review Date: August 31st, 2010
Reviewer: M. Evans (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
We bought this for our daughter's birthday and was it ever a big hit! We were VERY pleased with the quality of the product, it arrived in a very timely manner and was in perfect condition. She rides it almost daily since she received it about a month ago and we have had no problems at all. I was very pleased to find it met and surpased all my expectations.