With countless raving customer reviews, the Razor Powerwing Caster scooter continues to be one of the hottest selling scooters on the market again this season…

Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter

Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter

Manufacturer: Razor Scooters
Colors: Black, Silver, Sweet Pea Pink
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The Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter is a radical new way to ride. Just move your body side-to-side, the awesome three-wheel design gets you going and keeps you moving. Mastering sideways drifting and 360° spins is simple and fun, so hop on for some super cool freestyle fun.

Kids and parents alike simply love the Powerwing Caster Scooter. Other than its sleek and stylish looks, what makes the Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter so unique is Razor’s clever use of “caster” rear wheels (same as the popular rip-stick) which work to propel the scooter with a simple & fun twist of the feet. With this unique design, maneuverability is unmatched allowing the Powerwing Drifting Scooter to easily negotiate it’s way around tight corners and perform exciting tricks kids love like spin-outs, 180′s, and fun side-drifts – stunts that traditional kick scooters just can’t do.

Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter Features

  • Dual-inclined casters allow turning, drifting and acceleration without ever having to push
  • Unique three-wheel design provides stability and makes learning to ride easy and fun
  • 125mm urethane front wheel
  • 64mm urethane rear wheels
  • High performance ABEC-5 bearings
  • Removable stability bars
  • Folding mechanism for convenient storage

Razor Powerwing Drifting Caster Scooter Review

Power Caster Scooter Specs

  • Product Weight: 15 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 30 x 22 x 31.5 inches
  • Product decoration and specifications subject to change without notice

About Razor the Company

Founded in June 2000, Razor USA, LLC is a privately held company based in Cerritos, California. Creators of the wildly popular Razor kick scooters like the pro-models: the ultra pro scooter and the Razor Ultra Pro Lo. Razor additionally offers the E100 electric scooter, and E300 electric scooter, as well as the trendy Pocket Mod electric scooter, the Siege caster scooter, the Powerwing caster scooter, and the bigger Powerwing DLX scooter and their Rip-rider 360 that Parenting magazine awarded the “Best Toy of the Year Award” in 2009.

Razor has received numerous industry awards, including the Toy Industry Association’s “Toy of the Year” and “Toy of the Year” honors from Time Magazine, Parents, Parenting, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Nick Jr., and U.S. News & World Report.

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Razor Powerwing Customer Reviews

The following customer reviews are from verified Amazon.com customers that have purchased the Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter. They are in no particular order and are updated daily. To see all the Powerwing Caster Scooter customer reviews at Amazon just click here.

Kid Loves it!
Product Reviewed:Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter
Review Date: November 27th, 2010
Reviewer: Spoutie (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Easy to use for a 4 yr old. and durable even when the nephews came over and broke it in.
Best Mom Ever!
Product Reviewed:Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter
Review Date: November 21st, 2010
Reviewer: Mom in Montana (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
I bought this for my 9 year old son’s birthday. It was easy to assemble and he was riding within 10 minutes of taking it out of the box. He told me I was the best mom ever!
Very cool gift idea!
Product Reviewed:Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter
Review Date: November 11th, 2010
Reviewer: Yanka777 (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Got this one for my son’s 6th birthday – he loves it! You can do all sorts of tricks with it, but it is also good for not so sporty kid – you just wiggle your butt to make it move on its own. My son loves it and I tried it myself and I think i could enjoy it a lot, except he doesn’t want to share, naturally :)

Anyway, highly recommned.

I put it together myself in about 20 minutes, but I think my husband would do it in 10 or less…

The kids love it!
Product Reviewed:Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter
Review Date: October 10th, 2010
Reviewer: Bluberry Mom (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Great fun! Kids aged 12 down to 5 have all loved it. Grownups will enjoy it too but watch weight limit.
Our family highly recommends the PowerWing Scooter!!!
Product Reviewed:Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter
Review Date:October 10th, 2010
Reviewer: Gus (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
I bought this for my daughter’s 10th birthday, and she loves it. Super fun, she loves how the back end can spin out when she turns. Very easy to learn and use.
Funnest scooter ever invented!
Product Reviewed:Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter
Review Date: September 19th, 2010
Reviewer: GoodGirls (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
I bought this scooter for my eight year old daughter and it is so funny watching her and my four year old ride on it. My husband and I take it for a spin sometimes too. I wish this was around when I was young. The whole family loves it and we would reccomend it to anyone with children!
“Very well made… “
Product Reviewed:Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter
Review Date: August 14th, 2010
Reviewer: T Point (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Bought this for our grand daughter who turned 7 in August. She loved it and no problem getting into the “swing” of it. It is very well made and is a lot of fun for kids in this age group. Do suggest wearing a helmet though since they forget how fast they can go.
Starting a trend
Product Reviewed:Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter
Review Date: August 8th, 2010
Reviewer: Karen Stassi "scout mom" (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
In a neighborhood where RipStiks were the hot item, the PowerWing is causing a scene. After seeing one of his friends sashay down the street on one, I bought this for my nine-year-old’s birthday. He and my 12-year-old assembled it and he was off. Now the eleven-year-old across the street and the six-year-old next door have them, too.

I love that this is a less insane device than the RipStik allowing more balance and control for the younger set, however I only gave it four stars because tight turns do regularly dump the rider. Wear your helmets guys!

With raving customer reviews like these, what are you waiting for? Give your child a gift they are going to absolutely love this year and Order a Razor Powerwing Caster Scooter today!

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