The Razor Pocket Rocket was featured in Time and Sports Illustrated for Kids and continues to be a huge hit again this year. An electric powered, miniature replica of a European café racing bike, the Pocket Rocket features a high-torque electric motor that will push it to speeds up to 15 mph.

Razor Pocket Rocket

Razor Pocket Rocket

Manufacturer: Razor
Model Number: Razor Pocket Rocket Motorcycle
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Kids will love taking the Razor Pocket Mod electric motorcycle for a whirlwind spin around the block. A scaled-down version of a professional race bike, the Pocket Rocket is designed to reach speeds up to 15 mph (fast enough to be fun, but not so fast to be dangerous). Neighbors will appreciate the quiet chain-driven electric motor, and riders will enjoy the performance and smooth ride provided by the 10″ pneumatic tires. Don’t let the miniature size of this little rocket deceive you though – despite Razor Pocket Rocket’s mini size, it has been designed to support riders up to 170 pounds.

A battery charger is included and the battery can be fully charged overnight (~12 hours) to provide a full 30 minutes of continuous riding. It’s worth noting that many customer reviews suggest that they get 45 minutes or more out of each charge which is probably more accurate as few riders will ride at full throttle for 30 continuous minutes.

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Razor Pocket Rocket Features

  • Scaled down street bike design carries riders up to 170 lbs!
  • Powerful fun at speeds up to 15 mph!
  • Up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • High-torque motor
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Large 10″ pneumatic tires for a smooth ride
  • Hand-operated rear brake
  • Battery charge time: Overnight (~12 hours)
Razor Pocket Rocket Review

Pocket Rocket Specs

  • Product Weight: 42 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 36″ x 20″ x 21″
  • 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid battery systems
  • Rechargeable UL approved battery and charger included
  • Tools included

About the Razor Pocket Rocket Maufacturer

Founded in June 2000, Razor USA, LLC is a privately held company based in Cerritos, California. Creators of the wildly popular Razor kick scooters like the pro-models: the ultra pro scooter and the Razor Ultra Pro Lo. Razor additionally offers the E100 electric scooter, and E300 electric scooter, as well as the trendy Pocket Mod electric scooter, the Siege caster scooter, the Powerwing caster scooter, and the bigger Powerwing DLX scooter, their Ground Force Drifter Kart, and their Rip-rider 360 that Parenting magazine awarded the “Best Toy of the Year Award” in 2009.

Razor has received numerous industry awards, including the Toy Industry Association’s “Toy of the Year” and “Toy of the Year” honors from Time Magazine, Parents, Parenting, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Nick Jr., and U.S. News & World Report.

Razor Pocket Rocket Customer Reviews

The following customer reviews are from verified customers that have purchased the Razor Pocket Rocket Motorcycle. They are in no particular order and are updated daily. To see all the Pocket Rocket customer reviews at Amazon just click here.

So far so good
Product Reviewed: Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Bike
Review Date: December 2nd, 2010
Reviewer: JWINK (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Bought 3 of these Razor pocket rockets for our 3 oldest grandsons (9,9 & 10 yrs).
Ordered them Thanksgiving night, they shipped out the next Monday and I received them on Wednesday. Absolutely unbelieveable considering their weight and the free shipping. These things came in cardboard crates about 60-75lbs each. The packing was very well done, none of them were damaged in shipment. Opened up the boxes and took them out and was surprised at the minimum of assembly required. Took about 10-15 mins. Based on other reviews I was surprised at the size of these things, they were larger than I expected. More than big enough for my grandsons to fit on. I think a lanky 14yr old might have problems, but I think that this type toy is to simple for a teenager. Mostly should be aimed at the 8-12yr old group. Anyway, we charged them up and all of them seem to work when turned on. My wife did ride one of them in the house (just to make sure) and it rode just fine. Best of all they look just like a miniature racing motorcycle. My only issue is that I wish they would have just sent the decals to be applied by the buyer, I would have done a much better job than they did. They didn’t waste a lot of time putting them on.
We will have to wait until Christmas to see how they hold up, but my first impressions are great. They are made with a steel frame and everything looks pretty solid.

Can’t wait to be the “cool pawpaw” on Dec. 25th. These guys are going to scream!

Product Reviewed: Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Bike
Review Date: December 1st, 2010
Reviewer: jamesnsedona (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Well this is just for starters. I purchased this bike the day after thanksgiving nov 26th, and the time of delivery stated estimated delivery date was friday dec 3rd. I received the item wed dec 1st. Was amazing that i received earlier than expected but why do i write this review…. well First off if you ship something thats obviously for xmas maybe you should ship this item in a box that has no markings showing what it is? The box came in a huge emblym that showed a huge size pocker rocket, So much for the suprise for x-mas. Worked all day and when i came home with my kids they saw the huge box with the pocket rocket picture on the box.
Product Reviewed: Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Bike
Review Date: November 16th, 2010
Reviewer: mamajenn (Amazon Verified User)
This product is so worth the money we paid for it. We bought it for my 9 year old and even my 5 year old rides it! We like the fact that it is not to fast to where someone can get really hurt and that the riding time fully charged is long enough for everyone to have a little fun. We have lots of family fun with it even my 50 year old dad rides it!! So i recommend it for others who are looking to get one.
“A great deal… “
Product Reviewed: Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Bike
Review Date: October 20th, 2010
Reviewer: mfarr (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
I think for the money I paid for it it was a great deal. I bought it for my 5 yr old son and he thought he died and gone to heaven. It is small and fast and is definitly more in proportion of small children, so you will be nervous to begin with because of its speed, but if you know your child it should’nt be a problem. It is not suitable for any small child. I would not want to be responsible for any other parents 5yr old child on this little bike, only my own, whom I trust can stay on it. That being said, it is a great little toy.
Product Reviewed: Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Bike
Review Date: July 27th, 2010
Reviewer: Dandan (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
My son got the new razor pocket rocket and he has riden it everyday he possibly could, its definitly worth the price and he can ride for two days straight without having to charge it
Excellent Electric Bike for a 5-year Old Boy
Product Reviewed: Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Bike
Review Date: June 2nd, 2010
Reviewer: Electric boogaloo (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
I bought this bike for my 5-yr old son and he absolutely loves it. He could not ride a regular bicycle without training wheels, but using this bike he figured out how to balance himself and now no longer needs training wheels on regular bicycle. Our driveway is 165′x18′ and this bike is ideal for a long driveway, I would not send my son, or any 5-yr old, on to a public street, therefore you should know what limitations are involved. Yes, initially there are a few spills, but its no big deal.

It comes practically assembled and requires little work to put it together, and then wait overnight for its battery to charge. Its lots of fun, and I would not recommend this bike for any child over 100 pounds. The age limitation is misleading. Just make sure the child has a helmet (any cheap one will work). In about 1/2 hour of continuous use, the battery will noticeable drain, and that’s enough fun for any kid!

“Great for 5 years and up… “
Product Reviewed: Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Bike
Review Date: May 26th, 2010
Reviewer: R. Speights (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
I was scared at first to get this for my 5 year old son but all is well. He loves it and it was the perfect gift. I only allowed him to ride on the grass til he got comfortable with it. Two days and two falls later , he’s a pro. :) GREAT for 5yrs and up.
Razor Pocket Rocket – Great item!!!
Product Reviewed: Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Bike
Review Date: May 23rd, 2010
Reviewer: Tom Toombs (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Great item!!! my kids love it and I do too. Great price and fast shipping. Assembled in
10 min. Super Easy.
Lots of fun!
“My son absolutely LOVES this bike!”
Product Reviewed: Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Bike
Review Date: May 6th, 2010
Reviewer: Ms. Blackberry (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
My son is 5 years old, and enjoys riding around on this bike with my husband following him, and holding it up. The bike is so low to the ground, that even when he falls, he jumps right back up and gets back on. I like this bike alot. I purchased this bike from Amazon on April 25, 2010. Cheaper than Walmart and other stores. My son absolutely LOVES this bike!
Razor Pocket Rocket – It is Perfect!
Product Reviewed: Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Electric Bike
Review Date: January 30, 2010
Reviewer: Karla Tucker (Amazon Verified Purchaser)
Santa brought this for my 6 year old son for Christmas this year. As parents, we were hoping it was not going to be something that was too fast or too advanced for our son. Much to our delight, it is perfect! Our son loves it, and is very responsible while riding. This is a great age to start!

With raving customer reviews like these, what are you waiting for? Go ahead… give your child a gift they are absolutely going to love this year.Order a Razor Pocket Rocket Now!