The all new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks let you take your classic Hot Wheels cars and instantly mount it onto the wall for all kinds of unique levels and tracks.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Manufacturer: Mattel
Model Number: V1054
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Hot Wheels Wall Tracks is the new cool place to play-off the floor and onto the wall! The new Wall Tracks sets bring speed, stunts, tricks and turns to all new heights for kids age 4 – 8 years old. Kids get to experience track play from an entirely new perspective-eye level-and change stunts as they change their rooms around! Use the enclosed, safe-for-walls Command Strips from 3M to create a variety of interchangeable stunts with just one set. Each set also includes 1 die-cast Hot Wheels car and full-color hanging template for easy set-up.

Wall Tracks Assembly

Assembly of the Wall Tracks Sets is fun and easy with the provided instructions that include both written and visual descriptions, and the paper also serves as a convenient hanging template, guiding your track placement easily to the perfect positions. And the best part is that the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks sets won’t damage your floors or walls because they us non-marring, removable 3M command strips that go-on easily, and come-off without marking-up your walls.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Features

  • Takes ordinary racing systems up onto new & exciting vertical terrain
  • Variety of track pieces allow for creative configurations for ultimate speeds, stunts, tricks, and turns
  • Easy assembly with full-color instructions and hanging template
  • Expandable and interchangeable with all Hot Wheels Wall Tracks sets

Wall Tracks Customer Reviews

“We got the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set and it is easy to put up and has good instructions. It is very entertaining to my 4 year old, 2 year old and husband as well.”

“This toy was a lot of fun and both my son and daughter played with it all day. My son got it as a birthday gift. It was great to see them both playing with the wall tracks together. I think it’s great that all the hot wheels tracks can be inter-connected and I like that I don’t have to drill holes in the wall to get these to stay on the wall.”

“My kids have always loved Hot Wheels and the older track systems. The only problem with those older tracks was how much space they took up. If we left it out, it got stepped on and broken. If we took it apart, it never got put back together or pieces got lost. Now, with the Hot Wheels wall tracks we can leave the track out without the worries!

The wall tracks assembled super fast. The instructions were easy to.Less than 5 minutes later, cars were zooming down the track and through the loop! My kids really love the multiple track exit points. Yes, we know that there are other pieces you can buy to connect there, but there is just something about tiny cars falling to their doom….”

“Hot Wheels does not disappoint with the Wall Tracks Starter Set. With all the toys on the market that employ guns and shooting or a ton of batteries that need to be replaced every week, Hot Wheels have remained a popular staple in our house. The boys are always thrilled to get an inexpensive hot wheels car and the track sets are an added treat. This is a really neat way to play with hot wheels cars by hanging the tracks on the wall. Really allows our kids to get creative. Both of our kids will play with their hot wheels wall tracks for hours and this adds one more tool to the box.”